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Healthcare Friends Theme

Healthcare Friends Theme

A full Healthcare Friends theme Lesson Plan 

Eye Doctor

Group Time Thoughts…
Introduce this unit by bring in several pairs of eyeglasses, Braille books, picture books on eye parts, and an eye chart. You may want to ask an optometrist to come for a visit. During group time you may want to introduce the fact that we all have different shaped and colored eyes. You can chart the different eye colors and pretend to be blind by blindfolding a child and showing them that eyes play an importance in our life’s. Introduce Braille books this allow an understanding of how the blind carry out their life’s. Perhaps you can contact your local 4-H to ask if they implement a program called Leadership Dogs. This is a service where dogs are raised to provide aide to the blind. (Seeing eye Dogs)


What Eyes Can Do…
(Hokey Pokey)
You move your eyes up, (Look up)
You move your eyes down. (Look down.)
You squeeze your eyes closed, (Shut your eyes.)
Then you make them go around. (Roll eyes.)
You do the blinky- blinks (Blink.)
And then you look from left to right. (Look from left to right.)
That’s what our eyes can do. Whew!



Cut the plastic off a beverage six pack into pairs of glasses. Children use pipe cleaners on the sides to hold the glasses on their heads.

Housekeeping Area…
Set up an optometrist office. Provide eye charts, glasses made in art, white T-shirts, a telephone, chairs, notepads, pencils, magazines, small pen lights etc.
Science Center…
Provide Braille books for the children to study. Perhaps you might want to put out books that children can listen to on tape about the hearing impaired.


****Group Time Thoughts****
Discuss the difference between baby teeth and permanent teeth. Discuss how it feels to lose a tooth. Other children might be able to tell you about caring for their teeth, you can emphasize: * teeth should be brushed in the morning and before bed *teeth should be brushed after meals when you can *flossing is important, too *sweet and sticky foods need to be rinsed or brushed off as soon as possible. Can the children tell you the kinds of foods that are good for their teeth? What are good breakfast foods? What are good snacks?

Brush Your Teeth…
(Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Till they’re nice and white.
Brush them, brush them,
Brush them, brush them,
Morning, noon and night.

Science/Cooking Activities…
Making Toothpaste Materials * 4 tsp. baking soda *1 tsp. salt *1 tsp. flavoring (vanilla, almond or peppermint Extract) *toothbrush *floss *air-tight containers.

Teeth Cleaning…
Hard boil an egg ahead of time. Bring in some dark soda. Place the egg in the soda for a day. Then the next day we talk about why we should keep our teeth clean and how we can keep them clean. Take the egg out, & it is discolored, yellow, looks like plaque. Take a tooth brush with a little tooth paste, & brush it off. It will come off.


Make a “good food” for their body collage out of pictures from magazines. They might even want to hang them on their own refrigerator to remind them which foods are healthy.

Make a healthy mouth using red paper for the lips, and white paper for the teeth shapes. Children can practice “brushing” these mouths using paper brushes.They can feed the mouth healthy foods by gluing on pictures of healthy foods.

Toothbrush Painting…
Use a toothbrush to make scrap marks on paper or to splatter paint.

Floss Painting…
Dip floss into a bowl of paint and drag across your paper.

Navy Bean Grin…
Materials: Red construction paper, navy beans, glue, black felt marker Preparation: Draw lip shapes on red construction paper with a black felt marker. Draw a horizontal line across the middle of each shape. Cut lip shapes out if children are not yet ready for scissors. Have children spread glue on the lines in the middle of their lip shapes. Then let them press navy beans on the glue to represent teeth. This activity can be used to reinforce the names of body parts (lip and teeth) and as an art project during Dental Week.




Toothbrush and the Germ…
One player is the germ; another the toothbrush. The remaining players form a circle, facing center, hands joined, with the germ on the outside of the circle and the toothbrush in the center. At a signal,the toothbrush is chased by the germ. The players let the toothbrush run in and out of the circle, by raising their clasped hands. They lower their hands to prevent the germ from entering the circle. When the toothbrush is caught, both players join the circle and the new toothbrush and germ are appointed.


Dentist Office…
Set up a dentist office in the house corner.

Drill and Fill…
In the sensory table place blocks of Styrofoam shaped like large teeth. Place a container of homemade play dough, small drill, putty knives and any other materials desired to allow the children to practice filling and drilling teeth.

1. Those Icky, Sticky, Smelly, Cavity, Causing but…But Invisible Germs by Judith Rice 2. The Bear’s Toothache by Jane Werner Wilson 3. My Friend the Dentist by Jane Werner Wilson


***Group Time Thoughts****
Begin by showing the photo-illustrated book When I See My Doctor.
Invite your students to share their experiences about visits to the doctor’s office. If possible, show the children some real medical equipment borrowed from a parent or a local medical office.


My Doctor…
( My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

I’m happy that I am a doctor
I can help to make people feel well
I’m happy that I am a doctor
It makes me feel just swell
I’m a doctor, a doctor
I help to make people feel well well well
I’m a doctor, a doctor I can help to make people feel well!

This is the Way…
This is the way we feel our muscles, feel our muscles, feel our muscles, This is the way we fell our muscles, right before we lift. (pretend to lift something)

This is the way we use our lungs, use our lungs, use our lungs, This is the way we use our lungs, To blow out birthday candles. (pretend to blow out candles)

This is the way we feel our heart, feel our heart, feel our heart, This is the way we feel our heart, Beating up and down, thump, thump, thump (feel your heart)

****Art****Doctor Bag…
(just cut a Dr.shaped bag -use black construction paper)-complete with handle. Inside put a Q-tip, a cotton ball, a band-aid, a craft stick, punch outs from hole puncher (pills) piece of gauze, and whatever else you can think of.

Make headbands for doctors white strips then a circle for the center that the children cover with pieces of tin foil for the light (mirror).

Create pretend thermometers by cutting clear plastic straws into halves. Use a permanent black marker to make lines on one side of each straw half.

Have the children paint each the cupped areas of an egg carton (cut up one for each child) then poke a hole and put a piece of yarn through for their stethoscope.

A fun activity to actually show kids how important hand washing is to get rid of germs is to have them put some cooking oil on their hands then put on some black pepper or another herb of choice. Have them try to wash off their hands… Hard to get all off….


Cut out pictures of people in magazines. Remove a part from each picture such as an arm or leg. Laminate all pieces. Give the pieces to the children and explain that each person in the picture has had an operation and the children must figure out which person had which surgery by replacing the correct pieces of the body.

Good For Me…Bad For Me…
Cut out pictures that depict healthy and unhealthy items for a child. Ideas might include lipsticks and cleaner for unhealthy. Foods beverages healthy. Laminate each picture after mounting on cardboard. Then have the children sort them by placing health items under the smiley face. Unhealthy under the sad face.

Try placing bubbles in the sensory table and have the children practice washing their hands with the proper technique.

1. Your Turn ,Doctor by Cala Perez and Deborah Robison

2. My Friend The Doctor by Jane Werner Watson
3. You Can’t Move Without Muscles by Paul Showers



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