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Hats Pockets Shoes Theme

Hats Pockets Shoes Theme

Entire hats pockets shoes theme.  Art projects and crafts, songs, fingerplays, books, games and more.  Complete preschool lesson plan.

Songs, Fingerplays and Group Time Fun

I Put A Hat On My Head…
I put my hat on my head and tie my strap in a bow.
Next, I slip on my coat.
One arm and then the other just so.
My boots to keep my feet dry,.
Pull and pull I’m ready to go


Have A Pocket…
Tune: The More We Get Together
(child’s name) has a pocket, a pocket, a pocket.
(child’s name) has a pocket  On her dress today.
Continue with other pockets and children.

Guess The Person…
Play guess the person. Show various hats (pictures or real) and the children shout out who wears it.  Examples you could use: baker hat, police officer hat, firefighter hat, baseball cap, construction hat, Easter bonnet, wedding veil, top hat, motor cycle helmet, and so on.  After the initial responses, ask for additional examples. “Any other ideas?”

Hat Happy…
I wear my hat upon my head
I wear my hat upon my hair
I wear it here, I wear it there.
My hat and I go everywhere.

I wear it in the rain and snow,
I wear it even when it’s ho.t
My hair feels lonely when its off.
My head feels happy when its not.

And when it’s time to go to bed,
And Mama says, “Take off your hat.”
I do exactly as I’m told
And put it on my kitty cat.

Magic Shoes…
If I had magic shoes
Do you know what I’d do?
I’d skate all over town and then come back to you.

 If I had magic shoes
Do you now what I’d do?
I’d walk right up the wall  and then come back to you.

If I had magic shoes
Do you know what I’d do?
I’d run around the world and then come back to you.

In My Pocket… 
The things in my pockets are lots of fun, I will show you one by one.
In my first pocket is a frog,  I found him sitting on a log. 

In my second pocket is a car, It can race off very far.
In my third pocket is a ball,  I can bounce it on a wall.

 In my fourth pocket is a bunny,  She twitches her nose and looks so funny.
In my fifth pocket is a dog,  He’s a friend of my little frog.

In my pockets my things hide,  Do you have pockets with things inside? *Another good flannel board

 Shoes Song…
( “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Some shoes buckle. Some shoes clip.
Some shoes zip and zap they rip.

Some shoes Velcro. Some shoes tie.
Some shoes hurt and some won’t stay tied.

Some shoes seem like all the rest.
But my new shoes are sure the best!

Shoe Pattern…
Line up by the kind of shoes they have–Velcro, tie, etc.  to make a pattern.

Mystery Pocket Chant…  
Oh, I have a mystery pocket,
Mystery pocket, mystery pocket.
Oh, I have a mystery pocket,  And you have to guess.
What’s inside my pocket?  What’s inside my pocket?
Oh, I have a mystery pocket,  And you have to guess.

 Chant this as a group.  After each chant allow a children to guess what might be in you pocket.

 All Kinds of Shoes…
There are all kinds of shoes, for all kinds of feet.
To wear at home  Or out on the street.
There are boots for splashing,
And sneakers for dashing.
There are slippers for napping,
And tap shoes for tapping,
There are cowboy boots for riding,
And ice skates for gliding.
But the best shoes of all ,
Are the ones that fit you.
While you’re doing the thing,
You like to do.
*This one makes a great flannelboard.

Art Activities

Fold paper plate in half.  Yarn stitch along folds and halfway up the sides, leaving top open.  Decorate with stickers or markers.

The Best Hat in the World…
Provide a variety of art supplies and have the children each create a new hat.

Shoe String Painting…
Have the children use shoe strings to paint picture.

Shoe Painting…
Have the children step into a shallow dish of paint.  Please make sure to assist.  Then have the children step onto long pieces of butcher block paper.  Make sure to place a name on each paper.  When dry have the children check for similar shoe prints.


Teaching Pockets…
Cut four to six large pocket shapes out of different colors of felt and sew them on a butcher style apron. Or use something like Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer/Storage Rack, Natural
Then use the apron to play the following learning games:

Color Pockets…
Discuss the apron pocket colors and ask the children to find small matching colored objects around the room.  Have them put the objects in the appropriate pockets.

Beginning Sounds Pockets… 
Cut different numerals out of felt and place them on the pockets.  Ask the children to put corresponding numbers of small objects in the pockets.

Alphabet Pockets…
Cut different upper case letters out of felt and place them on the pockets.  Write corresponding lower case letters on poster board squares and ask the children to put them in the appropriate pockets.

Shape Pockets…
Cut different basic shapes out of felt and place them on the pockets.  Cut matching shapes out of poster board and ask the children to put them in the appropriate pockets.

House Corner..
Place a number of Hats and shoes in the house corner.  Be sure to provide shoes with buttons, zippers and ties to practice skills.

Hat Sort…
Place a variety of hats for all seasons out for sorting.  Spring, summer, fall and winter. I do have a printable pattern for a summer and winter hat sort HERE.  Have the children sort the hats according to the seasons. You may wish to place a picture on a box to remind them of the seasons.

Hats On A Fence…  
Place a  2×4 about 5′ long board between, two tables.  Collect an assortment of hats and place them on the boards. Mark a line on the floor for the children to stand on while trying to knock off the hats with beanbags

Pocket Number Sort 1-12…
Use my printable patterns found here to make up a center game.

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