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Hatching Dinosaurs Eggs Recipe – Preschool Fun

Hatching Dinosaurs Eggs Recipe - Preschool Fun - Make this dinosaur egg recipe for a dinosaur theme. Hatch dinosaurs outdoors or in the sensory table..

Hatching Dinosaurs Eggs Recipe – Preschool Fun

As a child did you ever have an excitement with dinosaurs?  I did.  I loved the mystery behind exploring and maybe finding something new and exciting hiding in the dirt. Hatching dinosaurs eggs recipe – preschool fun.

With my preschool classes in years past the dinosaur theme was always a long standing favorite with the children.

I would create the eggs and hide them in the yard or in the sensory table for the children to find. Once we found all the eggs, we would make predictions of what the egg might hold. The predictions were always interesting.

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Recipe

We would go to work on exploring what the egg held. In the past, we have used sticks and brushes to free the dinosaurs. As a science experiment, I have also included vinegar for the children to witness first hand the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar.

Play and learning go hand in hand!

You can watch my video how to create and hatch your own dinosaur eggs below.

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