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Happy and Sad – Sharing Your Feelings Pattern

Happy and Sad - Sharing Your Feelings Pattern

Guide the children to turn unacceptable behaviors into positive behaviors by turning the sad face into a happy face.

Print out the happy and sad face pattern using the link below.  Cut out the faces and laminate the patterns. Attach a wide craft stick or a paint stick to the back of the happy face using hot glue, reinforce the stick with tape.

Then hot glue the back side of the sad face to the stick.  Line up the two faces, so you can use the pattern as a paddle – to change from sad to happy.

By Nature, We Want To Please

By nature, children like to please people and get positive results through interactions from their caregivers, teachers and peers. Sometimes I think we say too much at times when a simple sign will do.  If you introduce the happy face, sad faces at the beginning of the year – it will make your life easier.

By seeing the sad face a child has the chance to correct the behavior themselves without guidance from you.

99% of the time THEY KNOW WHY the sad face is displayed and correct the behavior immediately looking for the happy face.  Although, I always encourage a child to ask if they are unsure what prompted the sad face.

For additional ideas on how to use the pattern please see my Back to School Lesson Plan.  Use the faces with the activity on the page titled: “Feelings”

Download and Print —-> Happy – Sad Faces

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