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Lunch Bag Deer Art Project

Lunch Bag Deer Art Project

Lunch Bag Deer Art Project

Make a lunch bag deer art project up ahead of time and leave it on the art table for free art. Set out all the paper and brown paper lunch bags that would be needed to complete the project. Allow the children to complete the project as their skill level allows.

Lunch Bag Deer Art Project


1.) Use small lunch bags as the body of deer.

2.) Fold the top of the paper bag down to create the head of the deer.

3.) Trace and cut out each child’s handprints out of brown construction paper and glue them to the top portion of the back of the bag.

4.) Trace and cut out a circle for nose, two white circles for eyes and two smaller black eyes.

5.) Glue all the facial features to deer.

The project is extremely simple to put together. Although the pattern is there allow some creativity to see what skills the children have gained.


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