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Glittered Christmas Bulbs – Gift

Glitter Christmas Ornament Bulbs Preschool Christmas Craft

Looking for a way to recycle old Christmas bulbs? Try glitter glue. The bulbs can take on a completely new life and they make wonderful Christmas gifts for parents.

If you can’t find Christmas bulbs to recycle, try watching the dollar type stores. Sometimes you will find a four pack of $1.00. Otherwise, look online for the 40% and 50% off coupons for the craft stores.

Glitter Glue Bottles
Matte Christmas Bulbs

Glittered Christmas Bulbs – Gift

Photography by Maegan Tintari

1.) Use the glitter glue to place designs onto the matte finished Christmas bulbs. The glitter glue will not stick to the shiny surfaces or plastic.

2.) Let the designs completely dry before handling them again.

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