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Gift a Spider Plant for Mother’s Day

Gift a Spider Plant for Mother’s Day

Gift a Spider Plant for Mother’s Day

If you’re looking to teach your children about growing, this gift a spider plant for Mother’s Day MIGHT just be what you are looking for. Gift a spider plant for Mothers Day and learn science!

A few years ago I was looking for a reasonable Mother’s Day gift for the children. My spider plant in my kitchen was begging me to replant her babies.

I decided that a hands-on science activity to show the children that you can grow plants without a seed. The word of the day – it is a big one, propagating. What a hit!

Spider Plant


What is Propagating?
Propagating is taking a cutting from the mother plant to make a child plant.

The spider plant babies are called (spiderettes) and cutting off the individual spiderettes from the mother plant, yields new plants.

How to Propagate your Spiderettes

1.) Cut off individual spiderettes from the mother plant.

2.) Fill a few clear, drinking glasses with water and stick the “babies” in the water.  You don’t have to stick the spiderettes in water, they do have small roots already.  The water doesn’t hurt and it shows the children that the spiderettes grow large, strong roots.

3.) Plant the spiderettes in potting soil when you wish,  Water well.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Soon these mother spider plants will be yielding their own baby spiderettes.  Be sure that when they do, the children will tell the special lady in their lives what to do with them.

Gift a Spider Plant for Mother's Day Photo Credit: Kristin Andrus

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