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Flat Stanley Paid Us a Visit

A few days ago my nephew asked if his buddy Flat Stanley could come and pay us a visit.  A cute letter of explanation arrived, along with instructions on what to do with Stanley.

We decided to take him on a tour of Lambeau Field. Which I think he enjoyed. Wouldn’t any Packer fan?

Jake’s class had just finished reading the book:

The book is about a boy who is perfectly normal, until one morning he wakes up flat.

Printable Flat Stanley Pattern

Our family had to dress him and take him out and photograph him doing things with our family around the city.
Flat Stanley 1

















After our tour to the “Frozen Tundra” we decided to take Stanley out to enjoy some good ole’ Wisconsin winter fun.


A little sledding….

Snow Angel

Our children even taught Stanley how to make his very own snow angel.

We hope that Jake’s classroom back in St. Louis enjoys reading about our adventures.

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