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Five Senses Theme

Five Senses Theme

An entire week of five senses theme activities sure to keep you and your little ones busy!

Music and Group Time Fun

Guess the Shape…
(Touch and sight)

Cut several assorted sized shapes from heavy cardboard or tag board. Blindfold one child. Have them feel the shape and try to guess what shape it is using only his sense of touch. Allow each child to have a turn.

Blindfold Bluff…
Blindfold one child. Have the class chant:
Excuse me sir/madam on the bluff
Can you tell who I am or is it too tough?
Tap one child on the back and have them say it is I. The blindfolded child must guess which classmate it is.
That’s What My Eyes Can Do…
Tune; Hokey Pokey
Your eyes can look up.
Your eyes can look down.
Your eyes can squeeze tightly shut. Or you can circle them round and round.
You do the blinky, blinky
And shuffle them from left to right.
That’s what my eyes can do. Yeah!
Doggy, Doggy…
Have one child sitting on a chair in the front of the class backwards. Place a dog bone under the chair. Tap one child on the shoulder that child will quietly go up and take the bone and sit on it. The class will then chant:
Doggy, doggy where’s your bone someone stole it from your home.
The dog will then get a chance to guess who stole his bone. Take turns until each child has had a chance to be the doggy.
Freeze Dance…
Children dance around the room to music when the music stops they all have to freeze in the position they were in when the music stopped. Resume movement when music starts.

Food Tasting Party…
Make a large graph from tag board with sweet, sour, bitter and salty labeled down the left side of the graph. On the top of the graph place pictures of foods that the children will taste and tell you which category the food would belong in. Have small bite sized foods set out for trying.


Paint To the Beat…
Many great artists are inspired by music. Play a few different pieces of music and allow the children’s imagination run wild.

Get several plastic dish pans and put a different color of tempera paint in each one. Spread out a long piece of butcher paper on the ground in front of the pans. Have each child step into two pans one foot in each one and then they walk across the paper. At the end of the paper have a pan of shaving cream for the children to walk in and then a pan of water to wash the cream off.

Scent-sational Works of Art…
Have fun allowing the children to color using scented markers. It is hours of fun!
Puffy Paint…
Wilton’s Cake Food Coloring
Old squeeze bottles such as the bear bottles honey comes in or disinfected mustard squeeze bottles


Measure equal parts of flour, salt and water. Place the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add food coloring to the water and mix all three ingredients together. Place the mixture into a squeeze bottle. When the mixture dries on paper it will look “puffy.”

Sandy Clay…

1-teaspoon alum
½ cup cornstarch
1-cup sand
¾ cup extremely hot water
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl with wooden spoon. Stir in hot water, continually stir while adding water. Pour into medium cooking pan and cook over medium heat until mixture thickens. Cool and place in a covered container. Close supervision should be used with this and any other mixture using Alum it should never be ingested.
Have children make sculptures out of clay and set them out to air dry for a few days.


Squishy Fun…
Use a dish pan and place plastic toys on the bottom. Cover the toys with shaving cream and invite the children to find the toys.

The Nose Knows…

Dip matching pairs of cotton balls into different cooking extracts and place them into film canisters (one hour photo labs have a surplus and always willing to share). Have the children match the two that smell the same to each other.

Matching Sounds…
Add assorted items to film canisters make two matching sound containers. Popcorn, nuts and bolts are a few options. Have the children shake and listen to the sound of the container. Pair up the two that sound alike.

Reading Fun…
Set out an assortment of books with Braille,picture books dealing with the senses and sign language. Have the children look over them and invite them to ask related questions.

Fruit Putty…
1 small package sugar-free fruit-flavored gelatin
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 cups boiling water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Mix the dry ingredients in a pan. Add boiling water and vegetable oil. Stir over medium-high heat until the mixture forms a ball. Place the ball on wax paper to cool. Store in an airtight container.

Cut the fruit picture from the gelatin box and paste it to the lid. Use different flavors to make all different colors and scents.

Sound Match…
Fill two identical plastic Easter eggs with items like popcorn seeds, pebbles and coins. Tape each one shut with clear packaging tape. Have the children match the two like eggs by shaking them and matching up the sounds.

A Close Look…
Set out binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses and assorted items for the children to explore through the viewing equipment.

A Great Sense of Smell…
Remove the labels off full-assorted baby food jars. Mount the labels with the picture of the food on index cards. Have the children match the scent of the baby food jar by smelling the food and guessing the correct matching index card.

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