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Fingerprint Flower Pots

Fingerprint Flower Pots

This is a fun rainy day activity during the spring or summer.  The flower pots make excellent gift ideas for Mothers Day and Grandparents Day too.


Clay Pots
Acrylic Paints
Black Sharpie
Clear Coat Paint



1.) Paint the flower pot white.  You will need to paint the pot twice to cover it completely.  Drying between paint coats.

2.) Add any grass, clouds to the pot before placing fingerprints.  It makes it easier to place your bugs.

3.) Place fingerprint bugs. Butterflies can be made by dipping child’s pinkie in purple or pink paint and placing the prints next to each other to create the wings.  For Ladybugs and bees use the child’s thumbprint.  Yellow for bees and red for ladybugs.  A caterpillar can be made by using 4 or 5 green fingerprints in a row.
You can add flowers and just have fun with the design.  You will see that your imagination is the limit.

4.) After the fingerprints are dry, use a black Sharpie to add the details to the bugs.

5.) Spray each pot with clear coat paint to protect the paint design.

Just have fun with this project.  It really does get your creative juices flowing!

Want a similar project? Try making fingerprint flower vases.

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