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Feeding Butterflies – Butterfly Nectar Recipes

Feeding Butterflies Butterfly Nectar Recipes

Here is a fun activity to complete with your preschoolers. Make butterfly nectar.


Why Make It:
Butterflies are flying back to their northern homes. They sometimes fly over 200 miles in a day. They are tired and need the extra energy to continue their journeys and to lay their eggs.

What Have We Had Good Luck With?


Honey Water:
1pt honey and 9 pts water
Heat up just enough to combine into one liquid.

Butterfly Nectar Recipe Feeding Butterflies I Nuttin but Preschool

Sugar Water:
4 parts water
1 part granulated sugar

1.) Boil the solution for several minutes until all of the sugar is dissolved, and then let cool.

2.) Place a scrubby sponge in the bottom of a shallow dish to hold the nectar. Red and orange attract the butterflies best.

Store Bought Juices:
1. Gatorade
2. Juicy Juice

Store Bought Fruits:

Fresh cut of watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, and bananas.

Overripe fruit is what butterflies also like to feed on. Decaying fruits have carbohydrates and minerals that a butterfly needs. As the fruit dries out, slice a fresh spot, the butterflies need to be able to get to the juice of the fruit.

Just place the fruit on a small plate or inside a shallow dish.

The children like to watch the butterflies when they are outside.  Many have suggested this activity at home to their parents.


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