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Fall Leaf Art Projects

Fall Leaf Art Projects

Looking for some simple art projects to welcome in the changing fall colors? Try both of these!

Take a Walk and Collect Leaves

How about taking a walk to enjoy the fall colors and collect leaves? A nature, leaf and tree walk will yield plenty of hands on learning.  Answering and asking questions.  If you don’t know the answer to a question this allows you to give first hand knowledge of how to figure out the answer.

Last Sign of Fall - Photography Print


Use problem solving skills once you are back in the classroom. Maybe it is a leaf or plant you can’t identify.  Use your problem solving skills to find out what the item might be.


Art With Leaves

Try your hand at one of the following activities: leaf rubbings, framed leavespictures out of leaves, splatter screen art around leaves

Easy Art

Paint leaves and press to paper to make beautiful works of art.



Stained Glass Leaves

Maybe the weather has not be cooperating to get outdoors and you would like to make these stained glass leaves.


Leaf Stained Glass

1.) Cut out any leaf shape.
2.) Cut out the middle portion of the leaf, leaving a thick border.
3.) Glue a piece of wax paper to the backside.
4.) Glue scraps of tissue paper to the front side of the leaf in fall colors.

For additional ideas to use during the fall months, please see my Fall Theme and We Are Thankful (Fall Theme)

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