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Easter Chick (Okay Rooster) Art Project

Easter Chick (Okay Rooster) Art Project

Easter Chick (Okay Rooster) Art Project

Recycle a cardboard toilet paper tube into an Easter chick (he is turning into a rooster ūüôā¬† The supplies you need are minimal, and the end results are just too darn cute!


Empty cardboard paper toilet paper tube
Black marker
Scrap pieces of orange construction paper
Yellow tempera paint or spray paint

Easter Chick (Okay Rooster) Art Project


1.) A day or two before the project you will want to paint the toilet paper tube yellow.  You can choose to do this with your children or by yourself.

2.) Have the children cut out a small triangle and fold it in half.¬† Glue one flat end to the cardboard tube to serve as the bird’s beak.

3.) Draw to circle eyes with a black marker to serve as the bird’s eyes.

4.) Cut out a three-pointed crown shape out of the orange construction paper¬†for the bird’s comb.

5.) Cut a slit in on the top portion of the tube and a slit in the back portion so you can slip the comb in to stay.

6.) Glue tail feather onto the back of the tube.

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