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Drivers License At The Registry Smile For The Camera Sign

Drivers License At The Registry Smile For The Camera Sign

This printable Pictures Taken Here Sign PDF goes along with my 2 week transportation preschool theme.
Drivers License At The Registry Smile For The Camera Sign

Create the Registry of Motor Vehicles 

Set up a road test outdoors.  It is fun to watch the children race around the cones on the trikes and bikes.

Create the Registry of Motor Vehicles in your room.

1.) Print the pattern above (Pattern Here)

2.)Print and post An Eye Chart and set up a table with the words GO/SLOW/STOP laying on it.

3.) One by one have kids come to the registry to try and get their license.  Have them take an Eye Test.

4.) Answer 2 “Driving” questions. A question you might ask “What would you do if you came to a crosswalk and someone was crossing the street. Have the child point to the correct word lying on the table and tell me what it said.

5.) License pattern  (Here)

6.) Once completed they PASSED and received the stamp of approval which is a rubber car stamp. Of course everyone passes.  Then under the commissioner of preschool vehicles, I signed my name.  They took their license to my assistant. Where she had them write their name, date and stamp whatever numbers they wanted for their license number. They taped a picture that we had taken of them a few days prior to the license.  If you don’t want to go that route, have them draw a self-portrait. Then allow them to decorate their license with stamps and bingo daubers.

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