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Dragonfly Art (Pattern)

The dragonflies turned out so cute! I created a pattern and then printed out copies onto regular printing paper. If I do it again for watercolor painting, I would chose to use thicker paper, such as a lightweight, but stiff construction paper. Geesh! What was I thinking? The watercolors were beautiful but they needed to dry overnight before assembling them.

Dragonfly Kids Art (Pattern)


1.) Print off a copy of the patterns below. Cut out each pattern.
Dragonfly Body
Dragonfly Wings

2.) Paint or color all the pieces. I chose to have the children paint them with water colors and while the paint was wet, we sprinkled them with sugar. In bright light they are BEYOND cute. Again, if you chose to paint them use a heavier paper. Otherwise, they will take over night to dry. That means you can’t glue or finish the project until the next day.

3.) Glue the second set of wings to the main body.

4.) You can glue on sequins onto the top (second) set of wings.

5.) Wait for the dragonflies to dry properly before moving.

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