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Dinosaur Theme

Dinosaur Songs, Fingerplays And Group Time

Colorful Dinosaurs…
(One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians)
Have felt dinosaurs of the various colors to put on flannel board as you sing.
1 red
1 blue
1 green dinosaur
1 orange
1 yellow
1 white dinosaur
1 pink
1 brown
1 black dinosaur
9 dinosaurs in all!

(“Row Your Boat”)
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Eating fruits and weeds
Take a bite and chew it well
And then spit out the seeds.

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Great Big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some liked land, and some liked water.
Some flew in the air.
Great big dinosaurs
lived so long ago.
Some had horns, and some had spikes.
Some had wings like bats.
Great big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some ate plants, and some ate meat,
But now there are no more.

Ten Dinosaurs…
(Start w/ a number higher than the number of children so everyone will have a turn to remove a dinosaur.)
Ten(nine, eight, etc.) huge dinosaurs
Sleeping on a cave floor
Wake up and started to roar,
“There’s no room, no more, no more,
No more room on this floor!”
They tossed and turned and pushed galore,
(Move dinos around cave)
Till one poor dinosaur was shoved out the door.
(have a child remove a dinosaur)
(Continue down to 1 dinosaur LAST VERSE)
One huge dinosaur
Sleeping all alone, on a cave floor,
Wake up and started to roar,
“I’m lonely, come back, it was better before,
It’s more fun, crowded together, on the floor.”
(Children can put their dinosaurs back in the cave)

Starting A Theme…
1. Tell your children that you are going to be talking and learning about dinosaurs.
2. Ask them what they know about dinosaurs and make a list on a large sheet of paper.
3. Do the same on the last day, you will be surprised at how much they have learned.
4. Have the children draw a dinosaur, keep them and do the same on the last day of the unit. See how much their drawings have changed.


Sung to ‘Oh, Christmas Tree’
Oh, Dinosaur – Oh, Dinosaur
How big you are to me
Oh, Dinosaur – Oh, Dinosaur
What a wonder you are to me
So heavy, So tall – As you lived long ago.
Oh, Dinosaur – Oh, Dinosaur
How wonderful you are to me.

Hiding Dinosaurs…
Dinosaur, Dinosaur,
Where can you be?
Hiding behind me (hands behind back)
Where you cannot see.
Now you see one. (bring out one hand)
It’s waiting for you.
Here comes another, (bring out other hand)
And now you see two!

Tyrannosaurus Rex…
Sung to: Mary had a Little Lamb:
Dinosaurs walked on this Earth,
On this Earth, on this Earth.
Dinosaurs walked on this Earth,
A long, long time ago.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king,
Was the king, was the king.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king,
A long, long time ago.
Tyrannosaurus (child’s name) was the king,
Was the king, was the king.
Tyrannosaurus (child’s name) was the king,
A long, long time ago.

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Great Big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some liked land, and some liked water.
Some flew in the air.
Great big dinosaurs
lived so long ago.
Some had horns, and some had spikes.
Some had wings like bats.
Great big dinosaurs
Lived so long ago.
Some ate plants, and some ate meat,
But now there are no more.

The Dinosaur Song…
(Tune: “The Wheels on the Bus “)
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
Great big teeth, great big teeth.
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
When the dinosaurs roamed.
Additional verses:
The apatosaurus had a very long tail……
The diplodocus’ nostrils were on top of his head………
The saltopus was as small as a cat…….

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs…
(Tune: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear)
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, stomped around.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, shook the ground.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, some gave fear.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, we wish you were here.

I’d like to be a Dinosaur…
(Tune: Mary had a Little Lamb)
I’d like to be a dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur.
And if I was a dinosaur, I would be a _________.
(Each child has a turn naming which dinosaur he would like to be)

Dinosaur Dance…
If you want to be a dinosaur, now is you’re chance,
‘Cause every body’s doin’ the dinosaur dance.
Just stomp your feet, move your arms around.
Stretch up, stretch up and now touch the ground.
And you’re doin’ the dinosaur dance, oh yeah!
You’re doin’ the dinosaur dance.
You’re doin’ the dinosaur dance, oh yeah.
You’re doin’ the dinosaur dance.
(Dance around and do appropriate movements to the rhythm of the dinosaur chant.
During the oooooo’s and aaaahhhh’s, stretch up to the right and down to the left. Continue dancing until the end.)

Dino Dancing…
One of my favorite things to do was to tie large paper sacks around our feet and stomp around to music, these were are dino feet !

Dinosaur Games

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tag…
Build a Dinosaur Use Hula Hoops to define the water and let children act out the various plant-eating dinosaurs. When you call out “T. Rex” they scramble to their safe zones inside the hoops.

Snack Time Game…
At snack time, when we are working with dinosaurs, we play the Dinosaur Snack Game. Just photocopy five or six different kinds of dinosaurs, on 8 1/2″ X 11″ pieces of paper. Then, photocopy the same dinosaurs on smaller pieces of paper. Color each kind of dinosaur a different color and laminate. Read a dinosaur story, then let the children reach into a bag, and pick out one dinosaur paper. Then, they need to go to the snack table, and find the matching dinosaur picture, which you’ll have placed at all the snack tables ahead of time. Talk about the names of each of the dinosaurs. It’s a very simple “game”, yet it sparks lots of talk about the different dinosaurs. It’s a surprise to see what table you’ll end up at.

Dinosaur Art

Stuffed Dinosaurs…
For each child cut two dinosaur shapes out of brown paper bags or brown butcher paper. Have the children hold their shapes together while you staple together around three sides. Then let them crumple small pieces of newspaper and stuff them into their dinosaur shapes. When the shapes are full, staple the remaining sides closed. Let the children decorate their stuffed dinosaurs with paint. When the dinosaurs shapes are dry, attach loops of yarn to them and hang around the room.

Variation: Punch holes around the edges of the pairs of dinosaurs and let the children lace together with yarn.

Dino Skeleton…
Provide the children with an outline of a dino. We used T-rex. They glue on macaroni to resemble the dino skeleton.

Dinosaur Defences…
One thing I enjoy doing with Dinosaurs is make a very simple body out line and some triangles of different sizes and shapes. have the children add defences to it and talk about how animals use their defences and why they have them. Then we see how dogs, and cats and other animals protect themselves.

Sponge Painted Dinosaurs…
Cut a large mountain shape (rough outline) from easel paper. The children enjoy sponge painting dinosaurs on it. Make your own homemade stamping ink for pennies – Recipe HERE.

Tyrannosaurs Rex Necklace…
Give each child a piece of wax paper and some salt dough (Recipe HERE). Have each child make about three to six dinosaur teeth, the thicker the tooth the less chance of breakage. With a pencil the children can poke a hole in the top of each tooth. Place the completed teeth on a cookie sheet follow the baking instructions in the recipe. When cool, have the children string them onto a piece of yarn (tooth, knot, tooth..) Make sure the necklace can slip over the child’s head and knot the ends together.

Dinosaur Rubbings…
Using heavy paper to make dinosaur rubbing from textured stencils of dinosaur shapes. Tape them onto the table. Have the children put a piece of copy paper over the dinosaurs.(a lighter paper will rip) The children will “discover ” the hiding dinosaurs by rubbing the side of a crayon over their paper firmly.

Make a Woolly Mammoth…
Draw the outline of a woolly mammoth. Color in the tusks, toes and eyes. For its fur coat, glue on pieces of reddish-brown yarn.

Dino Stompers...
Purchase inexpensive over sized rubber boots. Spray the boots green and let the paint dry. Add red paint or stickers for toe nails.

Dinosaur Centers

Block Area…
If you do not have any large dino’s for the block area, tape pictures of dino’s onto the blocks, add in plants ect

Find Them Dino Bones!…
Cut out dino bones out of Styrofoam plates and hide them in the sand table or purchase bones here. Supply brushes (paint ones work fine) and have the children be paleontologists. Cut out a a silver circle from paper and taped it onto a workman’s hat to represent a flashlight helmet.

Dinosaurs In The Sensory Table…
Put out small dinosaurs with play doh so that the children can make fossils and caves in the sensory table.

Dinos and Eggs in the Sensory Table…

My kids had a blast with these eggs.  The eggs are a tad smaller than traditional Easter eggs and are made of a heavy plastic, almost like army men.

I added the eggs (closed), fake plants, sand and large rocks to the sand table. It didn’t take the children long and they found out the eggs contained dinosaurs, The dinos are on the small side but that didn’t stop the kids from playing with them and they had a blast trying to get the correct colored dino in the matching eggs.  (Note, they do not all match the egg colors.  They were grouping them by type and color, too all on their own.

Dino Sorting…
Collect an assortment of animal pictures. Cut out the pictures and cover with contact paper. Let the children sort them into piles of dinosaurs or not. (Living or Extinct)

Be sure to put dinos in the same area as your balance or scale. Our kids get a kick out of how many objects it takes to balance one of our larger dinos.

Encase 1 small plastic dino in a plaster of paris egg. (Use the Jell-o Ones From Easter) Make 1 for each child. Bury them in the sand at the sand table. Each child can find an egg & crack it open with a small hammer. I did this project with 4-5 yr.olds. Ginormous Hatchin Grow Dino is another excellent product for a science center!

Dino Sorting…
Have pictures of dinosaurs along with plastic ones, let the children match the plastic dinosaurs to the pictures.

Dino Memory…
Make a dino memory game from dino stickers put on juice can lids.

Use small paper plates and home made fossil dough (RECIPE HERE). Give each child a small ball of dough and a paper plate. They should first flatten the dough (with their hand) on the plate. Next they should press a small plastic dinosaur into the dough to create an impression. Use dinos that really show up–stegosaurus, dimetrodon, etc. Be sure the children press the dinos in sideways so the imprint of the dino side will show–unless you just want footprints.

Dinosaur Books

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