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Daddys Boots – Fathers Day Gift

This is a quick and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day.  I did this project with a group of Head Start children last year and the project is a HUGE with the children.  They enjoyed dressing up for their picture and viewing each other’s pictures. It was an even LARGER hit with the parents.


I couldn’t believe the rave reviews that I received for such a simple gift.  I told them I couldn’t take all the credit.  My buddy Brad Johnson posted a picture and I was just the middle man, delivering the idea.  I did create the pattern for them to use too.

Below are the PDF file patterns that you can download.  There is one with the wording for grandma and one for Mom.  We had to have both within the class.

Download —–>Daddy’s Boots with Mom
Download —–>Daddys Boots with Grandma


1.) Download the pattern.  Print out one copy for each student.

2.) Make a make-shift photo studio and photograph each child like the above picture.

3.) Develop the photographs.

4.) Paste each child’s white onto colored construction paper or scrapbook paper of their choice. Cut and glue a black piece of construction paper to serve as a frame around each child’s picture.  Otherwise, you can do as I did; and import the pictures into a program that can make a custom framed border around the pictures before printing.

5.) Glue the children’s photo to poem paper.

Hope you will agree that this is an extremely cute gift that is inexpensive and will be well received.

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