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Corn Cob Painting

Corn Cob Painting - Fall Preschool Art

Corn Cob Painting

Make art masterpieces with dry corn cobs or maize.

When corn cob painting, use corn cob fork holders and hands stay clean!

Corn Cob Painting

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Corn Cobs
Yellow and Red Tempera Paint
Paper Towel
Shallow Container
Corn Corn Fork Holders

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1.) Wash corncobs and allow them to dry for several days.

2.) Make paint pads by placing folded paper towels in shallow containers and pouring on yellow or red tempera paint.

3.) Have the children first roll the corn cobs on the paint pads. Then let them roll the cobs across their papers to make prints.

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Farm / Fall / We Are Thankful / Thanksgiving / Gardening


Use a serrated knife to cut the corn cobs in half. Let the children dip the cut off ends into the paint and press them onto their papers to make yellow corncob flowers.

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