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Colored Popsicle Matching File Folder Free Preschool Printable

Cool off this summer by creating this popsicle file folder matching game.


Free printable patterns for matching colored popsicles:
Colored Popsicle File Folder Tabs & Cover (Print one copy)
Popsicle Match 1 (Print two copies)
Popsicle Match 2 (Print two copies)

Print one copy of the file folder tab and cover page and two copies of each of the popsicle patterns numbered 1 & 2. Follow the directions by clicking on the picture above to enlarge it.  The picture contains more instructions on how to make a file folder game. Cut out the directions, the tab and the cover and glue them to the appropriate spots on the file folder. Laminate and cut out one of each of the popsicle sets. Place them in the back storage pocket as instructed in the directions above.

Laminate and paste one copy of each of the patterned 1 & 2 popsicle patterns inside the file folder. Invite the children to match up the popsicle patterns from the storage pocket to the correct popsicle mounted in the file folder.

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