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Color Theme

Full week of activities to do a Color Theme with preschool children.

Group Time Activities, Songs, Fingerplays

Color Game…
Give each child a man shaped in one of the following colors red, blue, green, or yellow. Have the children listen for their color and move the man accordingly.
Red, green, blue, and yellow:
These are the color fellows.
Hold yours up when you hear it’s name.
It’s time to play the color game.

Red, Red, move so high.
Reach and try to touch the sky.

Green, Green, move round and round.
Circle up and down.

Blue, Blue, move left and right.
Move until you’re out of sight.

Yellow, Yellow, move front and back.
Keep on moving. Stay on track.

Our color game is almost done.
Let’s play again: oh what fun!

Color And Shape Flannel Board…
Cut out triangle shapes in different colors or other shape of choice
Riddle, riddle, ree
What color do I see?
_____________(child’s name)
Has it on his/her _______________(pants, shirt etc.)
What color can this be?

Directions to make lollipops… Cut three inch circles from construction paper (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple.) Make three of each color. Glue craft sticks to each colored circle to make a lollipop. Have the children sit in a circle. One child is “it” and skips around the circle holding the lollipops in a coffee can while the other children chant.
(Skip To My Lou)
Lollipops, lollipops, yum, yum, yum.
Lollipops, lollipops, yum, yum, yum.
Lollipops, lollipops, yum, yum, yum.
Please come over and give me some.

It stops in front of a child who closes their eyes and picks out a lollipop. If the child guesses the correct color then they may take a turn being “it.”

Wiggle Worm…
Decorate the outside of a small empty can (Formula cans work well) with paper and label Wiggle Worms. Cut cardboard into 2 1/2 x 5” rectangles. On the cardboard strips color a square with all the primary and secondary colors and then on four of the strips draw wiggle worms. Place all strips into can. You can find my how to video and the printable patterns for color and shape Wiggle Worm HERE.

Have the children sit in a circle. One at a time, have the children pull out a card , and identify the color on it. If there is a wiggle worm on the bottom of the card, the child yells “Wiggle worms” and everyone should stand up and “wiggle like a worm.” Continue playing until all the cards are used.

Color Game…
Place a red, yellow, blue and orange piece of paper in each corner of the room. When the music stops call out a color and get the children to run to the appropriate color.

Group Time Fun…
A large motor skill they love to do is the “Color Game”. Put objects in a back pack that are the color of the day and objects that are not. If you pull out an object that is the color of the day they stand up and yell the color. If the object is not the correct color they stay seated and yell NO!

Scat Cat…
I’m scat cat,
I’m big and fat,
If you don’t like my color,
I’ll change like that!

This is a great chant to do with your class on colors you copy several cats color them each a different color. Red, blue green, purple, ect. and laminate them, and chant the poem. Put that color cat behind and continue till all colors have gone through.

Little House Painted…
Make a red poster board rectangular house shape with a triangle roof. Cut out the center of the rectangle part leaving about a one inch border. Have ready a sheet of construction paper in red, orange, blue, yellow, brown,
purple, pink, white and green (8″ x 11″). As you sing the following song, change the color of the construction paper behind the cut-out section.

Little red house, painted orange
Little red house, painted orange
Little red house, painted orange
Skip to my Lou, my darling.

So Many Fish…
There Are So Many Fish (have colored felt fish)
There are so many fish in the deep blue sea
What color fish does (child’s name) see?
(Child says the color while removing the fish from the felt board)

Color Bears…
Use this activity during circle time. In advance draw a teddy bear face onto several different colors of construction paper or use my pattern HERE. Glue the bears onto craft sticks. During group time pass a bear out to each child.

Start this chant:
Blue bear, blue bear what do you see? The child or children with the blue bear must stand up and identify something in the room that is blue. Continue until each child and color has been used.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Flannel Board…
Use my printable patterns to create a flannel or magnetic board set.  Pattern HERE.

Corduroy Game…
Cut out 8 identical brown bears (to look like corduroy!) and put a different colored pair of over-alls on each (the bears and over-alls are cut out of construction paper and contacted). At circle, place each bear on the flannel board one by one and ask the children what color over-alls “Corduroy”had on. After you go over the colors, turn the flannel board around and take off one bear and ask the children what color is missing. The children love this color recognition/what is missing game, During free choice time, you will overhear the children playing the game by themselves!

Color Song Fingerplays


Red is a stop sign,
Red is a rose.
Red is an apple
And a funny clown’s nose.

Four Red Cherries…
(This Old Man)
Four red cherries on the tree,
Two for you and two for me.
So-o shake that tree and watch them fall.
One, two, three, four -that is all.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Yellow Star…
Twinkle, twinkle, yellow star,
How I wonder what you are.
Let’s go looking here and there,
Let’s go looking everywhere.
Twinkle, twinkle, yellow star,
How I wonder where you are.

Oh, Rainbow…
(Oh, Christmas Tree)
Oh,rainbow, oh, rainbow,
How lovely are your colors.
Oh,rainbow, oh, rainbow
How lovely are your colors.
Purple, red and orange, too,
Yellow, green and blue so true.
Oh,rainbow, oh, rainbow,
How lovely are your colors.

( Are you Sleeping?)
That spells blue!
That Spells blue!
Buttons are blue
Eyes are too
Blue, blue, blue
Blue, Blue ,Blue

( Three Blind Mice)
Red is the word.
Red is the word.
Apples & Strawberries both are red.
Tomatoes & Cherries are also red.

(Three Blind Mice)
Red, red, red.
Red, red, red.
What is red?
What is red?
Apples, cherries, and-me, oh my-
Tomatoes to bake in a pizza pie.
Red is the color, and that is why
We sing of red.

There is a color we all know
Can you guess what it is?
Green is what that spells.
The grass and leaves outside
are green as green as they can be.
Green is what that spells!

Pink …
( Are you sleeping?)
That spells pink.
That spells pink.
Bubble gum is pink
Pigs and piggies pink
Pink, Pink, Pink
Pink, Pink, Pink

Black …
( Put your little foot)
Spells Black
Spells Black
Hat are black
Some cats are black
Yes both of these are black
So if you really really like black
What you need to know is that
Spells Black
Spells Black!

( The Farmer and the Dell)
That’s how you spell brown
Big Trees are brown
Big trees are brown
Big trees are brown
And Acorns are brown
Yes acorns are brown
That’s how you spell brown!

( Ten Little Indians)
Orange like the fruit you like to eat.
Orange like Jack-O-lanterns bright

( Turkey in the straw)
Can you guess what that spells?
Do you know what that spells?
Yes purples what that spells.
Like the grapes on the vine.
Yes purple’s what it spells
Like the Kool-aid in your glass.
Yes purple that does spell.
That is all I have to tell!

(Happy Birthday)
W-H-I-T-E, W-H-I-T-E
Snowballs and popcorn
Are as white as can be!

(Baa, Baa Black Sheep)
Yellow Yellow is the sun
Shining down on everyone
Y-e-l-l-o-w, Y-e-l-l-o-w
Yellow, yellow is the sun
Shine on me so I can have fun.

The Rainbow Song…
(Jesus Loves Me)
Red, orange, green, and blue
Shiny yellow, purple, too.
All the colors that you know
Show up in the rainbow.

Color Art

Eat Your Art?…
Use white frosting and color it blue, red and yellow. Use this like finger paint- but a graham cracker is your paper. Use the large one can be cut into four parts. Tell the students that their finger is the brush.(Wash
hand first) Each student has a spoon size amount of each frosting on a paper plate. Tell them to take some red and spread it on on section of the cracker. They are to clean their paint brush off by licking off the frosting. Kids
love this part. When finger is clean tell them to spread yellow on top of the red. Mix –What has happened? In other sections mix to make green, purple and brown/gray. We mix all three colors together just to see what we get. Then students can eat their work.

Orange Prints…
Cut some oranges in half for printing. Press onto a sponge that has been soaked in paint and press onto paper cut into an orange shape.

Green Frogs…
Run off a cute frog black line on bright yellow construction paper, then the kids put dots on the frog with “blue” bingo markers. It is magic to them to see the dots turn out “green” on the frog! They then cut the frogs out and put them in their color booklets they are making on the GREEN page.

Oscar the Grouch…
Using 35 mm film canisters, have the children cut a little square of newspaper (approx. 3X3″) put a drop of glue in the bottom of the canister and then put the newspaper in so some sticks out of the top; glue one green pom-pom on the newspaper, and glue two tiny squiggle eyes on the pom-pom

Mixing Colors…
In a zip-lock bag put about a tennis ball size squirt of shaving cream, a squirt of red paint and a squirt of blue paint. The children mix it with their fingers until purple magically appears, then open a small area on the end so they can squeeze it out and they finger paint with it on a piece of thick white paper or construction paper.

Pasta Necklaces…
Make necklaces out of dyed wagon wheel pasta (blue food coloring and rubbing alcohol mixed with the pasta – mix in large Ziploc bag and allow to dry on a garbage bag overnight). The children used tipped yarn and threaded on the blue wagon wheels (they are a perfect size for the yarn). They looked great. I also use dyed pasta for patterning activities.

Color Centers

Easel Painting…
Allow the children to experiment with red, blue, and yellow paints. As they mix their colors they will notice NEW colors that they made.

Water Table Fun…
Put some colored water in the water table and give the children objects the same color as the water to play with.

Color Stringing…
String the desired color of buttons on matching colored string to make necklaces.

Tinted Rice…
Tint rice for sensory table by adding food coloring. Add measuring cups and plastic spoons.

Color Crowns…
Have the children make crowns by cutting out of large sheets for construction paper. Have them look in magazines for pictures of items that match the color.

Color Cups…
Color the bottom of six white cupcake liners different colors. Place in a six cup muffin tin. Set out assortment of small matching colored items. Let the children sort them into the matching colored cups.
Ideas: Rubberbands, popcorn kernels, beads, pasta, paperclips, and buttons.

Color Sticks…
Turn a shoebox upside down and cut two parallel rows of slits in the top. Draw colored dots on the ends of one set of tongue depressors and matching colored dots on the ends of another set. Insert one set of sticks in one of the rows of slits. Then let the children insert matching colored sticks from second set in the appropriate slits in the other row.

Colored Feather Game…
Cut feather shapes out of selected colors of construction paper and place them in a paper bag. Have the children sit in a circle. Let one child at a time reach into the bag and pull out a feather. In order for the child to keep the feather the child must name something that is the matching color. Continue until everyone has had a chance.

Flower to Flower Pot Coloring Matching File Folder Game…
Use my printable pattern to create this game.  Pattern HERE.

Colored Ice Cubes…
Ahead of time you will need to freeze blocks of ice in several colors by adding food coloring. Place all colors in sensory table.


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