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Cinco de Mayo Theme

Cinco de Mayo Theme

A full Cinco de Mayo theme to help you celebrate the 5th of May.

Songs, Fingerplays and Group Time Fun

Reason Behind Cinco de Mayo…
Share the picture book,  Fiesta! by June Behrens. Discuss the concepts of patriotism and independence. You can compare Cinco de Mayo with The Fourth Of July in America.

Come Join the Fun…
(Frere Jacques)
Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo,
Is lots of fun, for everyone.
Many celebrations,
Loved ones get together.
Come join the fun, with everyone.

Movement Activity Fun…
Acquire a recording of music played by a mariachi band and a few maracas you could make your own with the children. Children listen to the music and move their bodies and maracas to the beat.

Who Will Be Queen?…
Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Who, oh who will be crowned the Queen?
Oh who, oh who will she be?
There are so many pretty girls to choose from.
It might be you or might be me.

Who, oh who will be crowned the King?
Oh who, oh who will he be?
There are so many handsome boys to choose from.
It might be you or might be me.

Where is Mexico?…
Bring out a globe or a map of North America and show it to the children. Show the children where you live, and where Mexico is. Discuss with the children how long it would take to get to Mexico both by car and by airplane. A good way to make these times more concrete to children is to explain it in terms of their routine.

Mexican Hat Dance…
Gather the children to sit in a circle. Explain that a Mexican hat dance is a traditional Mexican dance done around a Mexican hat, which is called a sombrero. Place a sombrero on the floor and play some Mexican music. As you call each child’s name, the child  goes into the circle and dances as desired around the sombrero to the music.

Mexican Game…
Cut a piece of colored construction paper into the shape of the number five for each child in the class using a variety of colors. Give each child a 5 and allow him to show it to the other children. Then have each child sit on his 5. Have the children to try to remember what color 5’s other children had. Then ask them to try to name all of the children who have a certain color. Let students use Spanish number words to count the number of students that have each color.

Jumping Bean…
Explain to the children that a Mexican jumping bean has a type of caterpillar pupa inside it. When the caterpillar gets warm it twitches or jumps and makes the bean move. Play Mexican music and as the music plays have the children jump like Mexican jumping beans. When the music stops, have each child freeze until the music resumes.

Break The Pin~ata…
Purchase a pin~ata. Fill the pin~ata with candies and small toys. Allow the children to take turns being blindfolded and swinging at the pin at with a bat or stick. Be sure that while the blindfolded child has the stick, all the other children
are well out of the way.

Native Mexican Kickball…
Explain that the game is a competition played by the Tarahumara Indians in Native Mexican
villages. Set up an obstacle course on your playground. You should make the obstacles for kickball. An obstacle course might challenge players to kick the ball over a log, under the swing set, around a tree, over a ramp, through a tunnel, etc. Divide the children into two groups and allow the children to kick the ball through the course relay-style. The first team to have all players complete the course is the winning team.

Art Time Fun

Give each child three to five different-colored squares of tissue paper and have him set one on top of the other. Show the children how to fold them like a fan and wrap a twist tie around the center of the folded papers. Have each child carefully open his flower by pulling the different colors of paper upwards and downwards to form each layer.

Give each child one toilet paper tube (empty), place a handful of beans inside and cover each end with a piece of plastic wrap taped in place. Have each child cover their tube with construction paper and decorate with markers or crayons

Give each child one piece of construction paper and allow him to decorate with designs using markers or crayons. Next have the children fold their papers in half lengthwise. They should then make cuts 1″ apart beginning at the fold and leaving a 1″ border around all edges except the fold. Have the children then unfold and roll each long edge of the paper in a circle and staple. Use a hole punch to make two holes in the top, then tie a string to the holes to make a hanger.

Color The Mexican Flag…
Download and print out the Mexican flag pattern here.  Set out a few books for the children to look at and try and copy the color patterns from.


Bean Counting…
Using a package of dried beans paint each side of the bean a different color using the colors, red, white, and green the colors of the Mexican Flag.
Place the beans in a cup and have one child in the group shake them and spill them out onto the table.  Have the children place the beans into piles using the colored side that was face up.  Have the children count the beans in the pile.  Have them tell each other which color had the most and least.

Making Pottery…
Purchase a piece of raw clay from a pottery or craft store. Gather pictures of traditional Mexican pottery Show the clay and the pictures to the children have them make their own creations with ideas from the pictures.

Snack Time

Tasting Party…
Share with the children Guacamole, Bean Dip and Corn Chips, Chocolate because it originated in Mexico and tacos, burritos, enchiladas, refried beans, and Mexican rice.


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