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Chalk Ice Pops

Chalk Ice Pops

Chalk Ice Pops

A “cool” way to beat the heat, make chalk ice pops for the kiddos.

Beat the heat by making some chalk ice pops.   Freeze chalk sticks in the center of muffin tins.  

As the ice melts, the chalk will mix in with the water giving the ice a dull colored look.  When the ice has completely melted, the wet chalk has a vibrant color.
Chalk Ice Pops I NuttinbutPreschool

Thanks to Stefani for sharing the idea.


Sidewalk chalk sticks
Plastic Wrap
Muffin Tin


1.) Fill each muffin tin with water. Tightly wrap plastic wrap over the entire tray.

2.) Using a knife, make a small incision in the center of the plastic wrap to stick a piece of chalk into the center.

Sidewalk Chalk on Amazon:

Sidewalk Chalk for Making Ice Pop Chalk

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3.) Pop in the freezer.  Normally, freezes solid in about 5 hours.

Let the painting begin!

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