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Caterpillar & Butterfly Theme

Songs, Finger plays, Grouptime Activities

Butterfly, Butterfly…

Butterfly, butterfly, where do you fly?
Where do you go alone?
Is it for flowers and honey you spy?
Have you a home of your own?

What is Your name?
Do you live in the wood?
And what do you come to see?
Dear Mr. Butterfly, won’t you tell
Your secrets to someone like me.

I’m a Butterfly…
(Pop Goes The Weasel)
I spin and spin my chrysalis,
Then I go rest inside.
When I come out,
I’ve changed indeed…
Look!  I’m a butterfly!

What do caterpillars do?
Nothing but chew and chew.

What do caterpillars know?
Nothing much but how to grow.

They just eat what by and by
will make them be a butterfly,

But that is more than I can do
however much I chew and chew.

Pretty Butterfly…
(Up on the House Top (Christmas Song)
First comes a butterfly and lays an egg,
Out comes the caterpillar with many legs.
Oh, see the caterpillar spin and spin,
A little cocoon (chrysalis) to sleep in.

Oh, oh, oh, look and see
Oh, oh, oh, look and see
Out of the cocoon (chrysalis) my, oh, my
Out comes a pretty butterfly.


Matching Butterflies…
Make up a concentration game by purchasing stickers of matching pairs and mounting on 3×3 squares and laminating. Have the children mix up the pairs and practice their memory skills by taken turns turning over the butterflies one at a time to find the matching pairs. (Use my matching printable here) 

Book Corner/ Science Center…
Set up magnifying glasses, books and possibly butterflies for the children to examine. This center works well if you have cocoons and books showing the stages of growth.

Place butterfly nets, Magnifying glasses, small containers with holes punched in them, plastic caterpillars and butterflies in the center.

Raising Butterflies…

Raising Butterflies Hands on Science


This is the  Live Butterfly Kit -: shipped with 5 Painted Lady Caterpillars  that I purchased a few years back.  Each year I just purchase the 5 Live Caterpillars Kit Refill .  Always a hit and I love doing this as much as the kids!  See From Caterpillar to Painted Lady Butterfly for additional printables to go hand in hand with activity.

See my store for additional ideas.


1.) Waiting on Wings

This delightful story explains the life cycle of the butterfly in a clear, enjoyable way that young children will understand. The rich language with many action verbs and the author’s clever use of rhyme make this book appealing to young children. The size of the illustrations are consistent with the story grammar as the pictures are largest at the point of climax in the story- when the butterflies are ready to fly. The illustrations are very brilliant in color which will appeal to young children. The end papers and title page are illustrated and a part of the story. The cover opens up to a large flower garden with the title on the right side. Descriptions of butterflies, flowers and how to grow a butterfly garden are included. Purchase on Amazon

2.) Ten Little Caterpillars

This beautifully illustrated book follows ten caterpillars, each one a different species, on their journey towards becoming butterflies. The closing pages feature wonderful pictures matching each species of caterpillar with the type of butterfly they become. It’s a story that’s appealing to children of many ages, whether they’re working on counting to ten, or doing a caterpillar/butterfly project for school.  It’s a great supplementary book for science projects too. Buy on Amazon

3.) Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story

Beautiful illustrations. Love the collage elements of the pictures! This book is a treasure to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Even the insides of the cover are beautiful; such a simple touch, but it adds a good bit of aesthetic value to the book. The introduction page with the information on Glasswing butterflies is also a great addition to the book. The story is simple enough for young children, but manages to be educational too. The idea of bringing “life” back into the city is inspiring. The “starry night, city lights” illustration is particularly striking. All of the pictures are incredibly rich with detail. Each time I go thru the pages I notice some small detail that escaped me previously. People in the windows; the detailing on the top of a fence; all sorts of small critters creeping and crawling and flying around. Wonderful book! Buy on Amazon
4.) Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly

Kids will love to see the magic of metamorphosis with Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious and the Little Butterfly, an 8×8 illustrated storybook.

Pinkalicious is so excited when Miss Penny brings monarch caterpillars to class. She makes friends with one and watches as it turns into a pinkamazing butterfly! Comes with some cute stickers too! Purchase on Amazon

5.) Charlie the Caterpillar

Book has a mistake uses cocoons for chrysalis. This is an older book and one that gets mixed reviews. How many of us can remember being ridiculed as children because we weren’t the tallest, or the strongest, or the prettiest kid in class, or because Mom and Dad couldn’t afford the latest designer sneakers, errr, athletic footwear, for us? This may be an old message, but it is obvious that it is a message kids still need to hear, more than just once. Frankly, I’ve known plenty of adults who still haven’t learned this simple lesson.
“Charlie the Caterpillar” is a wonderful and warm story about the difference between shallow sycophants and true friends. The illustrations are definitely the highlight of the book; Charlie and Katie are downright huggable. Far from being cartoonish, the caterpillars have a real depth to them. Buy on Amazon


Butterfly Feet…
Have each child stand with his feet together on a piece of white construction paper. Trace around the shoes to create a butterfly outline. Give each child a precut piece of construction paper for the body to be placed in the middle of the butterfly. Let each child decorate his butterfly as he or she wishes. Allow them to add pipe cleaners for the antennae add add any background they wish.

Stages Of Butterfly…
Cut a long piece of blue or any color (Just not green) construction paper in half.
Then fold the cut piece in half again. (long wise)
Placing the folded edge on top cut the top piece to the fold into 4 equal parts.
On each flap on the top write 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
At the top under flap #1 write EGG
under flap # 2 write CATERPILLAR
under flap # 3 write CHRYSALIS
under flap # 4 write BUTTERFLY
open paper and place a cute out green leaf under each flap at bottom of page
on leaf # 1 glue one piece of ANTI PASTA (EGG)
on leaf # 2 glue one piece of spiral or cork screw pasta(Caterpillar)
on leaf # 3 glue one piece of shell pasta( chrysalis)
on leaf # 4 glue one piece of bow pasta ( butterfly)

Coffee Filter Butterflies…
Flatten two coffee filter and pinch them together add secure them with a pipe cleaner. Give each child an eyedropper and allow them to drop highly concentrated food coloring onto the butterflies. This creates wonderful designs and blends of colors. Allow them to sit aside of a while to dry.

Caterpillar to Butterfly
Decorated caterpillars made from egg cartons (not the styrofoam ones). Use glitter, glue sticks, bingo markers, regular markers, crayons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc… When the children are finished with their caterpillars wrap it in a cocoon. use a 9×12 sheet of construction paper for the cocoon and hold it shut with a rubber band. Then the children put the cocoons on the tree, which is a cut out tree flat against the wall, with a paper clip.

The magic was done when the children left. We opened up the cocoons and glued the caterpillar to the center and drew on Butterfly wings. Now when the children return on Monday they will be able to decorate their butterfly wings and cut it out.

Blotted Butterflies…
Provide a butterfly pattern. Children trace , cut out, and put paint drops on one side of the butterfly. Children will then fold the butterflies in half to make the same design on opposite side of butterfly.

Egg Carton Caterpillars…
Use 3 sections of a cardboard egg carton to form the body of an caterpillar – have the children paint it and add – using pipe cleaners – on the first section antennas and on the back two sections eight legs (4 each section) and draw eyes on the front section – they are very cute.

Additional Free Printables & Ideas That Might Interest You…
Full Color Monarch Butterfly Sequencing Cards
Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC Book

Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Cards
How Many Butterflies Book
Caterpillar Egg Carton Art Project
Fingerprint Flower Pots
Dot to Dot Butterfly
Butterfly Peanut Butter and Celery Snack
Butterfly Art Project
Butterfly Matching Game


Source: (Click on pic)

Caterpillar on a Log Snack
Source: Kix

Caterpillars on a Log…
Cereal, peanut butter and celery.

Caterpillar Cookies…
Get a box of Duncan Hines sugar cookie mix. To prepare them dough add yellow food coloring to the liquid ingredients. Follow directions on the package for making drop cookies. Using a permanent marker, personalize a section of aluminum foil for each child. To make the cookie, child rolls 4 small balls of dough, arranges dough on his piece of foil, so that they touch. Press 2 miniature chocolate chips in the ball on one end so that they resemble eyes. Place child’s foil on baking pan, and bake as directed. makes about 15 cookies.

Butterfly Snack…


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