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Camping Lesson Plan

Camping Lesson Plan

Camping Lesson Plan

Songs, Fingerplays And Group Time Fun

A-Camping We Will Go…
(The Farmer in the Dell)
A-camping we will go,
A-camping we will go,
Haigh-ho, off we go,
A-camping we will go.
First we pitch our tent
Then we chop our wood
We light our fire now
We cook our dinner now
Time to go to sleep

Talk About Camping by Asking Questions…
Have you ever went camping?
Where did you sleep?
Where did you eat?
What did you eat?
How did you fix your food?
Where was the bathroom?
Did you see any animals? What kind?

Show different camping equipment to children, explain the uses.

Raccoon sleeps in a hollow tree
While the sun shines on you and me.
Sleep, raccoon.
Sleep, raccoon,
Warm and cozily.

In the darkest part of night
Raccoon has the best eyesight.
Look raccoon,
Look, raccoon,
My, your eyes are bright.

Raccoon hardly makes a sound
When he prowls all around.
Hunt raccoon,
Hunt raccoon,
Find food on the ground.

I Met A Bear…
Skip to My Lou

I met a bear along the trail,
I met a bear along the trail,
I met a bear along the trail,
I better step aside.

Additional verses:
I met a skunk; squirrel; deer

I’m Going Camping…
(Twinkle, Twinkle)
I’m going camping, yessireee!
I’m going camping; won’t you come with me?
First we’ll pitch our tent on the ground.
Then make a fire as we all gather round.
I’m going camping, yessiree!
I’m going camping, won’t you come with me?

Next we’ll cook on the open fire,
Then tell stories ’til we all get tired.
When the stars are twinkling bright
We’ll sleep in our tents ’til the morning light
I’m going camping, yessiree!
I’m going camping, won’t you come with me?

When we see the morning sun
We’ll wake right up ’cause the day’s begun!
There ‘s so much that we can do–
Fishing swimming, hiking too.
I’m going camping, yessiree!
I’m going camping, won’t you come with me?

Art Time Projects

Glow In The Dark Fun…
Using the glow in the dark crayons that you can purchase in any school art supply section allow the children to freely color any outdoor picture they wish.

Stick Man…
Take the children out to hunt for their own stick. Then let them paint and decorate the sticks with odds and ends. They can add wiggly eyes also. They come out so cute and bright! We even gave the kids each one of those small clay flower pots and used clay to secure the stick in the pot and filled the pot with dirt or shredded paper. The kids gave their stick men names and they were allowed to paint the names onto the outside of the pots.

We have the children go on a hunt for small nature objects such as small twigs, leaves, nuts, pine needles etc. etc. etc. then they assembled their very own bugs out of the items they found by using glue. they also added paint and wiggly eyes.

Nature Wreaths…
Cut the center out a paper plate. Then children can add nature items that they have found outside. They can embellish their wreaths with glitter and ribbon and other odds and ends!

Painting With Nature…
Have the children paint with various nature items. Ideas to use would be sticks, leaves and worms (plastic if preferred).

Who Lives in the Forest?…
Enlarge a tree pattern or trace child’s hand & arm (for your forest of “trees.” Let children use markers, fabric scraps, paper, etc., to create creatures that find shelter in a tree. Suggest that they make various birds,squirrels,chipmunks,insects,bees/beehive, etc….Place each creature onto the board forest.

Who’s Sleeping in the Tent?…
Trace or precut a tent pattern (use large triangle shape, with tent stakes at corners) Let children decorate their tents, then cut a slit up the middle to make the tent flaps.You can also have the children draw a picture of themselves sleeping in their sleeping bags or use a cut out for them to color as themselves (use multicultural crayons). Attach the decorated tents to the bulletin board let children tape the “picture ” of themselves sleeping inside the tent flap. ( bend the flaps back so you can see inside the tent.) ** You could also use a small photo of each child’s face to hide inside the tents..change them around and let the children guess who is inside each tent. ** use left over scrap flannel material to make “camping pillows..small size 6″x8” let children stuff with batting or old nylons if you have enough.. Could also do sleeping bags by gluing a small rectangle of fabric stuffed with Kleenex onto a slightly larger piece of construction paper with the child’s picture at the top. As if to show child in bag sleeping.


Chair-Back Tents…
Make two parallel rows of chairs with four chairs in each row. Have the backs of the chairs facing inward. Leave enough space between the chairs for children to crawl and play. Drape a blanket or sheet over them.

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Tree Tied Tent…
Loop a 6-8 foot length of rope around a tree about 5 feet from the ground and tie it. Pull the rope out as far from the tree as it will reach. At that point, fasten the rope to the ground by tying it to a peg or tent stake you stick in the ground. Fold an old sheet into a triangle and lay across the rope to make a tent. Use sticks or rocks to hold down the corners.

Umbrella Tent…
Open an old, large umbrella (patio table size) and stick the handle firmly into the ground so that the umbrella stands up by itself. Drape a sheet over the umbrella to form a one person tent. ** You might want to use the pole
stand for extra support.

Camping Equipment Throw…
Divide a large white bed sheet into sections, one for every piece of camping equipment that you have. Have the children take turns throwing a bean bag onto the sheet. Have them name and explain the use of it to their partner.

Gone Fishing…
Fish cutouts and paper clips, cardboard tubs, egg carton filled with plastic peanuts, child sized life jackets, large box as a fishing boat all set up in the housecorner.

Setting Up Camp…
Ideas of camping equipment to use Sleeping Bags, cooking equipment, water bottles, canteens, tarps, flashlights, tent, firepit. Rolled up newspaper cover rolls with brown paper to make logs. For the flames, cover a flashlight with red or yellow cellophane, then turn it on and place it in the logs.

Setting Up Camp 2…
Draw a large 3 D tree made from old appliance boxes and attach to the wall. The trunk is flush, the branches made a canopy over the area. The children help to sponge paint leaves and these were attached to the branches. We brought in a small child size tent, plastic picnic table, water container, and cooler. Rocks were made from paper bags the children painted and stuffed to make a fire circle. Small logs were brought in from my back yard and tissue paper flames were added to make this look like acampfiree… The children loved this and brought in their own accessories from home to add to this center (small lantern, sleeping bag ). Mess kits, canteens, flashlights, backpacks, etc.

Snack Time

Take a graham cracker and break it in half. Place marshmallows and chocolate on the graham cracker. Cover with graham cracker. Warm in oven until marshmallows and chocolate melt.

Banana Boats…
Take a banana and leaving the skin on, slice it half way through the long way. Place broken up marshmallows (or mini ones) and small bits of chocolate in the banana slit. Wrap entire banana in tin foil and warm in oven until chocolate and marshmallows begin to melt. When warmed, scoop out banana with chocolate and marshmallow with a spoon. Very delicious!

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