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Butterfly Art Symmetry

Butterfly Art Symmetry

Butterfly Art Symmetry

Every once in a while you have to shake things up. Today is that day! Directly after breakfast – circle time was replaced with group art. Today we are doing a butterfly art symmetry project

Explanation of Symmetry:

This is the activity that can start in group time with an explanation of symmetry and then allow the children to complete on their own, during center time.

Otherwise, you could do the entire lesson, sitting at the art table as a class. That is the approach that I am taking.  Teaching directly by a show and tell method.



What is Symmetry?

There are two main types of symmetry, reflective and rotational. Those are words I do not use.  This is for your reference. Think of child-friendly words and the overall understanding of the concepts; over the proper terms, they are not going to remember. I’m using mirror and point symmetry.

Mirror Image -Line that separates two identical halves. Think of butterfly wings. Left wing is the same as the right wing. They are a mirror image. Nature is full of mirror image. Examples: Maple tree seed leaves, rainbow, butterfly wings, feathers, and animal faces are a few off the top of my mind.

Point Symmetry -Find the center of an object. A straight cut down the middle will give the item two equal halves. Example: Most Fruits, onion, and mushroom.

Print 1 or Both of the Patterns

Butterfly Pattern

Just save the butterfly image of your choice to your computer.

Butterfly Pattern


Art Activity

1.) Pre-cut and folded butterfly pattern(s).
2.) Paint in assorted colors.


1.) Each child chooses a butterfly pattern.
2.) Have child paint ONE side of their butterfly with whatever paint they wish.
3.) Guide children to fold butterfly in half; using prefold. Gently rub.
4.) Open up the butterfly and what do you notice?

The same pattern is on both sides! That is called symmetry.

Butterfly Pattern - Teaching symmetry art project
Photo Credit: zaini abdullah


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