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Best Winter / Snowmen Books for Preschoolers

10 books for preschool children to read about winter and snowmen.

The Mitten~Jan Brett

As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for ways to incorporate literature into my everyday lessons. Jan Brett’s The Mitten is a must for the first day of winter. The children love the illustrations and guessing how many animals will fit into the mitten. They “read” the book to each other long after the lesson is over. The class also publishes their own book about what could fit in their mitten. The Mitten is a delightful story with predictability and loveable animal characters. Buy It Here

Want additional ideas to go along with the book?  You can find some HERE.


The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

1963 Caldecott Medal winner. In this book, Peter wakes up to discover that snow has covered the city in the night.  Delighted, he pulls on his bright red snowsuit and plunges into a day of exploring and playing.  He makes fun tracks, and hits snow off the branches of trees.  He constructs a smiling snowman and slides down steep mountains of snow.  At the end of the day his mother gets him out of his wet clothes and gives him a nice hot bath.  The next morning the snow is still there, and an ecstatic Peter calls up a friend to do the whole day over again.  Buy It Here


The Snow Family

Snow Family is a colorful rhyming story book. When a boy named Jacob finds a band of little snow kids, he joins them in a few games, but when he ends up in a tree with an angry bear below it, it’s time for his parents to come and help him. But the snow kids didn’t have any parents to help and care for them, so Jacob’s decides to help them out too. The art in the book is colorful and has a very unique style, which made the book just that much better. Children under the age of 4 would enjoy this story. Buy It Here


The First Snow

This is a charming story book in every sense.  The illustrations are colorful and beautifully executed, giving a magical feeling to the tale of young Mother Nature’s first experience with young Winter. Young Winter can’t understand why little Mother Nature won’t accept him so he seeks the friendly advice of a huge polar bear named Aunt Actica.

You’ll smile at the tactics Mother Nature uses to fend off this perplexing cold weather she faces.  The text is lyrical and evocative such as when Summer tells the little girl it is time for her to be leaving and “she packed her trunk full of warm and green breezes.”  Buy It Now


It’s Snowing!

“It’s a dark dark, cold cold night. Mama rocks the cradle. The cradle rocks Baby. Baby softly sleeps. Mama sighs and nods her head. Baby sighs and sucks his thumb…” And then Mama notices the first flakes dancing down from the sky. “It’s snowing!” Mama sings. Baby wakes and blinks. “Baby, it’s snowing!” She bundles him up, scrunches into her coat, scarf, and mittens, and “trundles” outside to revel in her baby’s first snowfall. She wants her son to experience it all, see the snow, hear it, taste it, feel it, and even smell it. They build a snow troll, sled together down the big hill, and ride their big ice bear. But now it’s time to go back inside their warm house and back to sleep….. Olivier Dunrea’s simple, spare, poetic text is heartwarming and engaging. But it’s his evocative and expressive illustrations that really bring this endearing story to life, and children will be mesmerized by his beautiful and playful winter wonderland scenes. Perfect for preschoolers, It’s Snowing is a joyful treasure the whole family can share, that captures the wonder and excitement of a first snowfall. Buy It Here


Winter is Here!

I enjoyed reading this book, which consisted of a series of mostly pleasant illustrations of winter scenes accompanied by three lines of text. The third line of text is always: “Winter is here!”, which gives small children a chance to predict/repeat after the reader. Buy It Now

No Two Alike

The pictures are gorgeous, with beautifully done winter landscapes and fun creatures populating every page. The message is where this book really shines though.

“Almost, almost, but not quite.” The story of the two similar-looking birds as they explore their winter-y world is filled with educational fun. They ‘meet’ snowflakes, trees, and other denizens of their forest home. This is a perfect book for twins in that it highlights that even though they look so similar (especially useful for same-gender twins, though I suspect it is also a nice book for any pair, or more!) they have differences. It is a nice way to talk to your twins about their special similarity and also their defining individuality.

This is an excellent book to have as part of a library of books for your kids. I additionally (in particular) highly recommend it for any parents of twins!  Buy It Here


Snow Day!

Nothing thrills the heart of a child more than the prospect of a day home from school. So when the weatherman predicts an overnight snowfall, his words jump-start the imagination. What will we do tomorrow when we’re snowed in? The mind reels at the possibilities! But as with many dreams devoutly to be wished, stark reality shows up with vastly different plans. This picture book confirms the fact that no matter how old you are, the term “snow day” just might be the most exciting and magical phrase in the English language.

Lester Laminack’s story is “spot on.” Adam Gustavson’s colorful and realistic illustrations provide snapshots that lead readers into believing they know how the book will turn out. Gotcha! A great read-along for parents and children, and it’s difficult to judge who might enjoy the story more. Buy It Here


Snowmen at Work

Once again the Buehners have created a magical fun Snowmen book. Illustrations are so inviting. They will keep you children entertained for a long time. The story is so fun and makes you want to go out and build a snowmen and have the story come alive. I highly recommend this book and the other three snowmen books the Buehners have created.  Buy It Now


The Biggest Snowman Ever

My kids love this book! Very cute storyline and sweet illustrations. Great theme about working together to accomplish a common goal. It had my kids trying to figure out if Clayton and Desmond were cousins, since the dad and the uncle go out and give the same advice to each mouse back to back.  Buy It Now

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