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Beehive File Folder Number Matching Game

Beehive File Folder Number Matching Game I

Download and print all pieces. to this beehive file folder number matching name.

Beehive File Folder Number Matching Game

Download and print all the beehive matching game pieces below.  For extra durability, I suggest using a heat laminator if you desire to keep this game for years to come. 



Use the free downloadable PDF files below:
Beehive 1
Beehive 2
Beehive Bees (Need 3 copies)
Beehive Cover

1.) Print all the pieces.  Print three copies of the beehive bees.
2.) Thermal Laminate all the pieces and cut them out.
3.) You can glue the hives into a file folder to create a game or use them as a tabletop game, depending on your desire

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