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Animal Footprint Matching Cards

Animal Footprint Matching Cards

Animal Footprint Matching Cards

Set of animal footprint matching cards to the animal.  There are two set listed here, one with the written animal names under them, the other set without.

Footprint In The…

Footprints in the winter snow and in the soft ground of spring give us clues as to which animals are living around us. Studying the prints will give a person a fairly good idea what animal was visiting.

Animal Footprint Matching Cards

How To Use The Cards

1.) There are two choices for cards below. Save a copy of either the cards with writing or cards without writing set below   The cards are full scale and printable sized, just save a copy of the cards to your computer.

2.) Print the cards on regular computer paper or cardstock.

3.) Laminate both pages and cut apart one set of the cards.

4.) Match the cut cards to the uncut board. 


Cards With and Without Writing


Cards Without Writing

The cards without writing can be challenging.  In the science center set up books with animal footprints along with magnifying glasses for the children to use to study and identify individual footprints.


For another twist purchase, the 9 matching wall cards animal footprints wall cards and have the children study them and match the animals to their footprints.

Animal Footprint Wall Cards

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