Little Miss Muffet – Old Cartoon

Enjoy this old projector video Mother Goose: Little Miss Muffet that was transferred to computer.

Nuts About Letters Printable File Folder Game

Nuts About Letters File Folder Game



Nuts About Letters File Folder Game is available for a small, reasonable fee of $1.75 by Paypal. After receiving a cleared payment you will be taken to a secure link to download your pattern.

Nuts About Letters File Folder Game $1.75

You Will Receive
– 12 Printable pages in full color
– 39 Game Cards
– Game Board
– Instructions how to make the game
-Directions on how to play the game


Fingerprint Bug and Flower Vase

I am always on the lookout for cute craft ideas that I can do with children.  This fingerprint bug flower vase fit the bill.  My neighbor gave me the idea of recycling bottles into vases.

The vases turned out extremely cute!  Since we didn’t have to purchase a container and I had the paints, the budget thanked me too.


Glass Jars (Recycle just about anything)
Frosted Clear Coat Spray Paint
Acrylic Paints
Black Sharpie Markers

1.) Spray your glass container with the frosted clear coat spray. Let the jar dry completely.

2.) Using acrylic paint, dip the child’s fingertips into the paint. The fingerprints become the bodies of bugs and animals.

3.) Use acrylic paint to paint flowers, grass, clouds or additional accents on bugs.

4.) Use black Sharpie to add eyes, legs and additional accents on bugs.


This is an enjoyable project that will allow the children to be creative.  Enjoy watching them create masterpieces!

Want a similar project? Try making fingerprint flower pots.