*Recipes For Art*

sandy clay picSandy Clay

Perfect for your vacation, beach and summer themes. The clay resembles wet sand and is perfect for molding. If you leave the dough out to air dry for two days, you can paint it. No time to visit the beach? Make indoor sandcastles. Recipe Here




Edible Play Clay
Whip up a batch of this edible play. Great for children that still like to put things in their mouths.  The recipe doesn’t use flour or peanut butter. Recipe Here.





stamping ink pic

Homemade Stamping Ink

Tired of dry stamping pads? Looking for something a little more cost affective? Make your own homemade rubber stamping ink. It is quick and easy! Recipe Here




Gel Paint PicGlitter Gel Paint

Glitter gel is simple to make and dries clear. One it dries completely you will only see the sparkles left behind by the glitter. You can brush the glitter gel over any creation that you have drawn or painted to spread glitter in an even look. Recipe Here



Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Hatch up some fun by making dinosaur eggs. Add a plastic dinosaur inside and have your children become paleontogists for the day by searching for eggs and exploring what is inside. “Hatching” their very own dinosaurs. Recipe Here




8232210299_7dacfd8922_oCinnamon Dough Ornaments

Sweet smelling ornaments for your tree, gift tags, garland or whatever else you can think of.
Directions Here







Koolaide Paint

Kool-Aid Snow Paint

Let your Picasso’s run wild creating snow sculptures and then spray painting them. Directions Here





Fossil DoughFossil Dough

Excellent use for that last cup of coffee and the grounds. This no cook dough was named by my preschoolers because they said it reminds them of fossils. Directions Here




Scratch and SniffScratch & Sniff Watercolors

Great for working with the five senses. Once the watercolors dry, the children and scratch and sniff them. It is not a long lasting scratch and sniff – only for the day, but they are still fun. Directions Here






Face Paint
Cheap alternative to purchasing face paint you do not have a clue how to pronounce the names of ingredients on. Make any color you desire. Recipe Here







Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Gift giving just got a whole lot easier. Simply roll out the dough, cut with a cookie cutter, bake and paint. Works for small scale sculptures too. Recipe Here





Dying PumpkinDying Pumpkin Seeds

Dye pumpkin seeds any color you would like. They can be used as counters in centers and in art projects. Directions Here




Scented fruit Putty PictureFruit Putty

Feels like play dough but molds like a putty. Directions Here





Glitter Alternative

Some classrooms can not use glitter. Use sugar or salt to give your art a little sparkle. Directions Here




Corn Syrup Paint



Corn Syrup Paint

Unique paint that looks wet even when it is dry. Directions Here







Tempera PaintHomemade Tempera Paint

Create your own rainbow of colors and you control the amount of each color you need. Never run out of paint again. Best part it’s only a fraction of the cost over leading store brands. It lasts for about 2 months if you pour it in to individual cups for painting. Dispose of the used paint so you do not introduce bacteria into the sealed jars. Replace cover after each use. Directions Here





Great for hours of fun. Suggested that you use this with older preschoolers and school age children. It is not edible.

Directions Here




Crayons 2Crazy Crayons

A great project for all your broken crayons. They make wonderful gifts for children and fit comfortably in their hands.
Directions Here




watercolorsHomemade Water Colors

Do you run out of green and blue water colors before any other color? Muddy colors? Your problems are solved. Save your empty plastic soda bottle tops and fill them up for individual paint cups. Directions Here




Bubble Solution


Bubble solution is relatively inexpensive in the store but try purchasing it for 20 children…right? Try one of the three recipes that I promise will not break the bank the first time they get knocked over. Recipe Here







Cornstarch Handprint & Ornaments

Need some reasonably priced gifts for parents? Use the cornstarch dough to create handprints and ornaments to do just that.
Directions Here






Dyed Rice

Color and / or scent regular white rice to use for pouring and measuring in the sensory table or in use it in art projects.
Directions Here








Kool-Aid Playdough

Make any color dough you would like using Kool-Aid to color and scent your dough.  Directions Here





moon dough 2

Moon Sand

Whether you call it moon sand, cloud dough or something else… all I know it light, fluffy and a ton of fun.  Not to mention, it only takes two ingredients. Directions HERE.

Amber degrace
Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

3 ingredients is all it takes to create sidewalk masterpieces.  Create the colors you want in a matter of minutes.  Recipe HERE.

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